About UA

About The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is a premier, public research university. Established in 1885 as the first university in the state and the state’s land grant university, the UA is building a better Arizona through access, quality and discovery.

As a public research university serving the diverse citizens of Arizona and beyond, the mission of the University of Arizona is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that engages students in discovery through research and broad-based scholarship. The UA aims to empower their graduates to be leaders in solving complex societal problems. Whether in teaching, research, outreach or student engagement, access and quality are the defining attributes of the UA mission.

About The University of Arizona College of Nursing

Established in 1957, the College provides ‘top in class’ programs for entry into or advancing within the profession of nursing. The faculty of the UA College of Nursing envision, engage and innovate in education, research and practice – to help people of all ages optimize health in the context of major life transitions, illnesses (threatened or actual), injuries, symptoms and disabilities.

Already engaged with students across the country in their online doctoral programs, the faculty bring a wealth of experience to building communities of scholars, in-person and virtually. UA faculty, students and alumni are ‘leading through learning’ and shaping tomorrow’s health care.

In Arizona, proximity to the Mexican border and Native American reservations offer opportunities to serve and learn about issues in health and culture. Valuing diversity of people and place, learning opportunities span from urban and rural setting, from entrepreneurial to employed practice, from community health centers to large integrated health systems, from health departments to corporations and more.