Online RN to MSN
Clinical Systems Leadership
    1. Is the program fully online?
      Our program is 100% online, with no on-campus residencies or onsite clinical requirements.


    1. What concentrations/specializations are available?
      Our program does not offer a specific specialization; however, you may pursue career
      opportunities within leadership, management, nursing education and nursing administration.


    1. What is the total cost of the program?
      Tuition for the Spring 2017 term is $800/credit hour plus institutional fees. Please see UA Online for current rates.
      • For ADN students who are required to complete a minimum of 44 credits, the cost of the program is approximately $35,200 (books and fees not included).
      • For BSN students who are required to complete a minimum of 31 credits, the cost of the program is approximately $24,800 (books and fees not included).


    1. Does this program have different costs for in-state and out-of- state tuition?
      The tuition rate is uniform for all students. Your residency does not impact tuition and fees for the online program.


    1. What career opportunities are available with this degree?
      Based on their nursing experience and MSN degree, recent graduates have been hired into the following positions:
      • Clinical Nurse Educator
      • Nursing Administrator
      • Clinical Practice Leader
      • Case Manager
      • Unit Manager
      • Patient Navigator
      • Occupational/Employee Health Manager
      • Clinical Care Coordinator
      • Clinical Systems Manager
      • Infection Control Manager
      • Quality and Safety Manager


    1. Can I take more than one course at a time?
      We recommend taking one course every 7.5 weeks (15-week semester) for working professionals. If you are interested in an alternative path, please talk with one of our advisors.


    1. How flexible is the program?
      This program has been developed with busy nurses in mind, enabling students to have 24/7 access to all coursework throughout their studies.


    1. Can I take time off or extend the completion time of the program?
      Yes, students may submit a request for a leave of absence to Student Services for consideration. Students may have up to 6 years to complete the degree online.


    1. Are there breaks between classes?
      Yes, there is typically a week break at the end of every 15-week semester.


    1. Is financial aid available?
      Financial aid is available. All inquiries regarding financing options can be discussed with your advisor and the UA Financial Aid office.


    1. Does this degree prepare you to be a nurse practitioner?
      This program is structured for leadership advancement of registered nurses. To pursue a nurse practitioner degree, students may apply for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Students graduating from the RN-MSN program may use some coursework from the program toward our DNP requirements.


    1. Are transfer credits accepted for life experience?
      The program is designed to fulfill all requirements for a master-level degree program, meeting the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s standards. Transfer units are subject to review by our program faculty for applicability to degree requirements. Credit for life experience is not accepted.


    1. Does the university help students with career placements?
      Students may utilize UA Career Services for assistance in job searching, resume writing and interviewing assistance. The University does not assist students with career placement. Students are advised to consider employment opportunities in their own region and seek out mentors within their community.


  1. What is entailed in the Capstone Immersion project?
    The Clinical Systems Leadership Immersion course integrates all of the knowledge from the core courses in the program and basic clinical knowledge of practicing nurses. Students engage in several individual projects focused on care of a specific clinical population. In addition, students work in a small leadership team to develop a comprehensive care management plan for a specific population while being mentored by select faculty.

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