Cheryl LacasseMS

Professor Lacasse has been a nurse for more than 30 years, caring for oncology patients in a variety of settings including inpatient care, bone marrow transplant and ambulatory care. She also has experience in several roles in nursing practice including staff nurse, preceptor, clinical educator, administrator and advanced practice nurse.

As a clinical nurse specialist in a nurse-run pain and symptom management service, Professor Lacasse integrated clinical expertise, patient/family and staff education, and research as part of her daily practice. This role allowed her to experience the impact of expert nursing care on the quality of life of individuals who were experiencing cancer-related symptoms and learn the power of applied research in enhancing symptom management outcomes.

Professor Lacasse has been involved in both nursing research and clinical trials in medical oncology throughout her nursing career, and is currently studying symptom perception of older cancer survivors with multiple chronic illnesses. In addition, she has 20 years of experience in academic teaching as a clinical faculty member in the entry to nursing practice programs and has taught and mentored more than 2,000 students. She has received several awards for excellence in education. As a nursing leader, she served on and led multiple local, regional and national committees in practice and educational settings, led inter-professional projects, and coordinated patient/family and professional educational programs. Professor Lacasse is passionate about assisting in the development of future leaders in health-care delivery and reform.