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4 Best Study Tips for Nurses

If you’re preparing to be a full-time nurse, you know that there are a lot of tests and certifications ahead of you. While this future may seem daunting, you can easily excel in school with the right study habits. Consider these four study tips to keep you at your best.

Week 2 Topic 1 Image 1 4 Best Study Tips for Nurses

1. Get organized
The best students know that good organizational skills will lead them to academic success. However, it’s important to practice these skills throughout the semester, not just before tests and finals. At the beginning of each semester, invest in a planner and a calendar. That way you can fill in every assignment, quiz and test that week. A planner will help keep you on track without letting you become overwhelmed. It’s also important to invest in a few binders and folders where you can store all the notes and other information for each class. Create weekly sections that include notes and readings that you can review before it’s time to take an exam.

2. Practice strong communication
Communication is key to succeeding in any class during your nursing education. It is crucial to readily discuss any issues or questions you may have with professors as soon as you think of them. Don’t wait until the night before a test to reach out to a professor – he or she most likely won’t get back to you. Instead, be proactive – you’ll establish a stronger relationship with your professor and will feel more comfortable going to him or her with questions. It’s also important to regularly communicate with your fellow peers. Find out if they want to get together for a study group. Make friends with a few students in case you need help with an assignment or have a question about an upcoming exam.

3. Be flexible
When studying, it’s important to have a flexible schedule. Too many students cram for tests the night before and refuse to leave their seats until they’re done. In theory, this seems wise. However, it actually can lead to burn out and a lack of focus. Always make sure to take breaks during studying. Give yourself allotted periods of time to complete certain study points. When the time’s up, take a short break and then move onto the next section. If you didn’t finish the first, return to it later. Sometimes it’s good to pull away for something for awhile before returning to it. In your time away from the books and study material, take a walk outside, grab a snack or do another activity that has nothing to do with schoolwork.

Week 2 Topic 1 Image 2 4 Best Study Tips for Nurses

4. Make flashcards
While you might not have used these cards in awhile, flashcards can be very beneficial when it comes to completely understanding subject matter and key terms. Throughout the semester, make flashcards for each important concept and keyword you learn. That way, you won’t waste time making a ton of flashcards the night before an important exam. You also will be more familiar with these terms by the time you need to sit down and study.

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