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5 Nursing Careers You Didn't Know Existed

Nursing is a fulfilling, rewarding career that does good for so many people, which is why men and women alike dream of becoming nurses. If you’re one of them, you may think that you’re limited to just a few of the most common nursing careers, such as becoming a nurse practitioner, a licensed practical nurse, or a nurse’s aid. In truth, there are several lesser-known and incredibly interesting nursing careers to consider.

Flying the Friendly Skies
A Flight nurse is the perfect choice for any health care professional who craves adventure. The job isn’t all fun, of course, and requires someone who can work well under pressure, especially in emergency situations. Flight nurses are responsible for giving aid to people who are at risk in remote locations. If someone gets injured on a hike, a remote farm, or any other place that’s hard to reach from the ground, flight nurses fly in to help. Flight nurses can also work in situations where someone in critical condition needs fast but safe transport to a different hospital.

The CSI Approach
In the real world, forensic nursing doesn’t have a lot in common with its portrayal on television, though you certainly can work in the crime scene investigation industry. Typically, however, forensic nurses give important care to assault victims, especially victims of any type of sexual assault. They’re advocates for the victim, and they provide emotional and mental support while collecting essential evidence.

In addition to being a registered nurse, forensic nurses may have some experience or knowledge of psychology. This helps the nurses advocate for the victims to get through emotionally and physically traumatizing situations.

The Medical Side of Aesthetics
Nurses are also needed in the field of medical aesthetics. To work in this field, you don’t have to become a fashionista or love makeup. Rather, medical aesthetics nurses can work with dermatologists, and they help with giving collagen and Botox injections, chemical peels, laser therapy, and other procedures of that nature.

Holistic Health and Healing
Holistic nursing is an increasingly popular field. It focuses on mind and body medicine and more natural treatments. Holistic nursing may involve such aspects as massage and Reiki, and it helps with stress reduction and natural rehabilitation. This kind of nursing requires an interest in alternative therapies, but holistic training can also serve as a complement to allopathic medicine and health care.

Traveling to Provide Healthcare
traveling nurse provides different types of care. You may choose to work in the private sector or travel to different hospitals to offer support in underprivileged areas or understaffed health care facilities. In addition to traveling across the United States, you can also choose to go abroad and offer services in areas of need.

Your options as a nurse are limitless because there are so many specialties to choose from. If there’s a particular niche in which you’re interested, the odds are good that there’s a specialty to fulfill it. What kind of health care do you want to offer?

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