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One of the most important factors in making the decision to advance your credentials is that of what comes next. Knowing which career path you want to follow upon the completion of your online RN to MSN education can help you focus your studies on your long-term goals. Now is the time to determine which nursing role best matches your aptitude, attitude, and aspirations.


A frequent next step for nurses who achieve their MSN degree is that of nursing leadership or administration. This career path can take you on a steady track from nurse manager to nursing director to chief nursing officer if you have the dedication to learn and grow. A role in nurse leadership will require you to become well-rounded in the areas of personnel management, team training and development, nurse recruitment and retention, budgeting and forecasting, and other non-clinical areas.


A path into nursing education can find you working at a college or university, or within a healthcare setting as an in-house nurse educator. If you think back to the instructors and mentors that have helped to advance your career to date, you can see the impact that an educator can make. Deciding to become a nurse educator, whether in an academic or clinical capacity, can be a rewarding career choice that will add value to your MSN degree.


If you have a natural leaning toward technology, using your MSN degree to become a nurse informaticist might be the right opportunity for you. You will have the chance to design, develop, and deploy clinical information systems that facilitate positive outcomes through evidence-based nursing practice. The profession continues to grow as electronic medical record systems, smart-medical devices, computerized alerts, intelligent pills, and other technologies increase the amount of patient data in today’s healthcare environment.


Clinical research nurses with MSN degrees usually work in an academic hospital setting where there is considerable investment into drug discovery and clinical trials. Nurses are vital to the support of translational research studies that bring new treatments to the bedside with hopes of making medical progress. A career in research means that you will perform patient assessments and provide patient education, as well as work in collaboration with scientists and physicians to analyze research data, update clinical study sponsors, and interface with regulatory agencies.

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