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How do I know which masters program is right for me?

When it comes to nursing, the average person might assume there’s only one type of graduate program that students can enter. However, these days, students have a few different options for the programs they’re most interested in. Each program can take them down a different path, it’s important that people identify their passions so they can pursue the appropriate program. But if you don’t know the programs well or aren’t sure what path you want to take, it’s important to do some research first. MPH degrees such as University of Arizona’s Online Masters in Public Health also provide those interested in a nursing degree with another career path or the opportunity for further career advancement. Use this helpful list to get you started – these are the four master’s nursing programs that you can enter.

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1. RN’s to Master’s degree
This program is perfect for any person with an associate degree in nursing who’s interested in taking on a higher position at a hospital or medical clinic. On average, this program takes between two and three years to finish, depending on the school where the student is enrolled. This program isn’t classroom only – students have the option of enrolling in the RN’s to Master’s program online, or taking some courses on campus and others online. As associate degrees aren’t as in depth as other types, the initial stages of this program will cover the areas people might’ve missed in their undergrad, and then move on to coursework for the master’s degree.

2. Baccalaureate to Master’s degree
This is potentially the most common program that students enter, and many schools offer it. This program picks up right where most bachelor programs left off. While the programs may vary in complexity and depth based on the school they’re offered at, most programs take between 18 and 24 months to complete. Within this program, there are three fields – the MSN, the MN and the MS, all of which are comparable in levels of difficulty.

3. Entry to Master’s degree
This program was created for the late bloomers. People who graduated college with a degree in another field can enter this program to take the necessary courses in nursing they’ll need to succeed. Essentially, it is an accelerated program that helps people understand the basics of nursing and allows people to get their RN licensure. However, given the depth of the courses, the program takes about two to three years to complete.

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4. Dual Master’s degrees
Sometimes one master’s degree isn’t enough. That’s why people consider enrolling in two different master’s degree programs at the same time to help advance their careers without having to undergo several years of studying. However, this doesn’t mean these programs are easy. If you already know what type of nurse you’d like to be or you’re considering a certain specialization, this program might be the right one for you. People will get their master’s in nursing while also getting a master’s in public health or some other medical or health-related field to help them broaden their career choices upon graduation. Believe it or not, it’s becoming the popular choice with more than 120 programs available to choose from.

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