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Is your resume missing these points?

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A nurse’s resume is his or her ticket to a great job. But like making a big mistake on the clock, a glaring slip-up on your resume can also leave you scrambling to find employment. Impress your future boss and boost your resume with these pointers.

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Start with the basics  No matter the profession, there is a framework that all resumes should follow. According to The Huffington Post, all good resumes should have the following:

  • Your basics: Include all job titles, descriptions and other experiences that correlate with the field in which you’re aspiring to work on your resume.
  • A summary section: Let the employer know you’re ready to start and eager to learn how the company operates.
  • Your worth: A resume is no place to be humble. Showcase your best features and skills so that you stand apart from other candidates. A cover letter is a great place to include these experiences.
  • A few command words: Be selective in your wording. It’s all about expressing your knowledge about the healthcare field.
  • Zero errors: Proofread your copy several times and pass it along to your friends and a mentor to look it over. Nothing is more distracting than a typo on a resume.

Skip it John Hopkins University suggested that nurses omit entry-level jobs that aren’t related to the field when filling out the experience section of the resume. It’s perfectly acceptable to write down positions that weren’t paid so long as they’re either people-oriented or relevant to medicine. The best way to get started on your resume is to sit down and research positions that are of interest to you. As John Hopkins University explained, having a career plan in mind is the only way you’ll be able to narrow down your experiences and find positions that are right for you.

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