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Finding a good job in any industry can be a long struggle; even in high-demand fields like nursing, most job seekers could use all the help possible. For nurses with lower levels of university education, finding a job at all might be difficult, as their relatively common credentials can make it hard for them to differentiate themselves against other more highly qualified candidates. Nurses with MSN degrees usually have an easier time finding work, but at that level the problem often becomes finding the right fit. From pay and benefits to the work environment and relationships with colleagues, there are plenty of factors that go into finding the right job. Fortunately, for nurses with the right training, there are some tools that can help get them into their new scrubs sooner.

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Matching nurses to jobs
One new development that might help nurses land a better job in less time is Coined as the “ for nurses” by the Boston Business Journal, was founded by a mother-daughter duo of a registered nurse and a retired oncology nurse to help connect nurses to jobs. works by letting people on both sides of the equation reach out to each other. Hospitals and other health care providers that need nurses can post about their opportunities, while job seekers themselves create profiles that outline their skills, experience and specialties.

“They are being recruited for their expertise and their value,” co-founder Rebecca Love said of the nurses using the site. “That’s our whole goal — they are empowered in their profession. They know they are valuable. We’re trying to reverse the policy where nurses have to sell themselves to employers. They create the profile, and they are being recruited.”

The site had a soft launch in May 2014, followed by a public announcement in September of the same year, according to the Business Journal. Since then, around 100 employers have registered for the site and dozens of nurses have successfully found jobs.

Best foot forward may streamline the process of applying for work, but it’s far from the only option. Nursezone recommended being proactive by creating a professional resume and reaching out to employers directly.
When you get an interview, take the time to do some reconnaissance and learn as much as you can about the institution you’re applying for before you step in the door. Not only will you show that you’re serious about the position, you’ll also come off as more informed and confident which are qualities that any employer can appreciate.

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