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RN FM Radio: 5 Reasons Nursing Students Should Be Listening

Nursing is both an emotionally rewarding and an extremely challenging career. Nursing students who are preparing to enter the workforce need to be ready to handle the demands of the industry. Experts say the U.S. will need more nurses as the baby boomer generation ages.

RN FM Radio, the leading nurse radio platform, is one resource available to help prepare nursing students through broadcasts, podcasts, and blogs on relevant topics. Here are 5 reasons why nursing students should be listening.

Students Can Hear Real Experiences from Around the Country


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Nursing students will learn many skills through coursework and hands on practice. RN FM Radio is a tool to complement that education, with guests from all over the country. Students can listen to RNs with varied backgrounds and contributions to the healthcare industry, including nurse coaches, authors, healers, and other innovators. These interviews may inspire students to explore different areas of nursing or decide where they want to practice. RN FM Radio co-hosts Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross are both longtime nurses who have a range of experience in health care that they share regularly.

Students Can Learn About New Tools, Tips, and Techniques
Technology is playing a huge role in the evolution of healthcare, and some companies are already filling positions that combine medicine and technology. RN FM Radio is dedicated to spotlighting the ever-evolving role of nurses as well.

Students will be able to hear about the latest innovation, tools, and techniques in the industry via RN FM Radio. They will also hear tips and advice that can help them become more competitive in the industry. Some shows also discuss guidelines, best practices, how nurses can study for important exams, and online resources to help them take certifying tests. Such advice would be a welcome boost to any nursing student’s budding career.

Students Can Tune in Anytime, Anywhere
Podcasts from RN FM Radio are available online and via iTunes. Nursing students can tune in anytime, anywhere by either downloading podcasts or listening to shows as long as they have an Internet connection. This convenience means students never have to worry about missing a show, and they can also listen to archived broadcasts. Live broadcasts are also scheduled periodically via the Google Hangouts platform, offering different options for students to tune in and be informed.

Listening to Other Nurses Can Help Reduce Stress
Nursing is a stressful career. Any job in which you are responsible for the lives of others can cause a lot of strain and tension. Nursing students will soon experience this firsthand. Listening to RN FM Radio can let them know that they are not alone in the way they feel and help prepare them for the workplace. The information shared can also make students feel more prepared to enter the workforce and relieve anxiety.

RN FM Radio’s increasing popularity shows its value as a resource, especially to nursing students learning to navigate the industry. The diverse offering of information is a great way for nursing students to add to their education.

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