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UA ranked among top online MSN programs

As a nursing professional, you’ve dedicated your career to providing the best possible care for your patients. But with that responsibility and commitment to excellence comes a busy schedule and constantly shifting hours. Consequently, you may find it hard to even think about the possibility of going back to school. However, the flexibility and convenience offered by online Master of Science in Nursing degrees allow more nurses than ever before the opportunity to further their education. In fact, a 2015 survey by Aslanian Market Research and the Learning House found that nursing was the second most popular area of study for online learners.

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If you’re considering pursuing an online MSN degree to advance your career, College Choice, the independent online publication, recommended considering the University of Arizona.

The best online MSN programs
College Choice exists to help students and families choose the school that will be the best fit for their life and career goals. Among other rankings, the publication releases an annual list of the top online MSN degree programs for nursing students to help with the decision-making process.

“With this ranking, we have aimed to help students desiring to build and advance a career in nursing to find a school that is not only a great fit, but is a solid return on investment,” said Christian Amondson, managing editor of College Choice.

This year the University of Arizona was ranked in the top 40 programs across the U.S., with an academic score of 78. The high score reflects the program’s commitment to nursing students, with 24/7 tech support available a 48 hour faculty response time. Of students enrolled in the program, 53 percent graduate within three years.

The benefits of an online degree

The growing popularity of online public health degrees and nursing degree programs give students more options than ever before when it comes to their education. If there are challenges that might prevent you from attending courses at a physical location, the option of working on your degree online could provide a solution.

“Online learning provides significant flexibility in terms of both scheduling and location, as one can live in one state while earning a degree in another,” said Katie Amondson, associate editor of College Choice.

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As a busy nursing professional, you may feel that you don’t have the time to further your education. But by choosing to pursue an online degree, you can complete your MSN at the time and place of your choosing. And that stands true even if you have yet to earn your bachelor’s degree. Complete two degrees with one program by choosing the UA RN to MSN program.


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