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Where Can You Work With an Advanced Nursing Degree?

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When you earn your Master of Science in Nursing or other advanced practical nursing degrees, you’re not just changing your skill set, but you’re actually expanding the number of roles and facilities you can work in. Make sure you’re aware of the doors that an MSN can open in your career.

In a single hospital, you may have pediatric patients recovering from surgery, geriatric patients undergoing life-saving treatments and a woman coming to the emergency room after an accident all at the same time. This large number of diverse patients gives way to an equally large set of opportunities for nurses with advanced degrees.

In a hospital or medical center, you can find a job as a manager of a team of ICU nurses, an anesthetist or post-op caretaker, a family nurse practitioner, an informatics specialist on the hospital’s system or many other positions.

Outpatient facilities
Although hospitals in major cities get all the attention, with the demand in health care growing, an increasing number of patients are turning to urban, suburban and rural outpatient facilities to handle all sorts of care. From specialized treatments like dialysis to primary care, nurses with MSNs can find great employment opportunities at these facilities, many of which are outside major cities and have simple commutes.

Private practice
With an MSN or other advanced degrees, RNs can become nurse practitioners and partner with doctors in a private practice. Not only is this a lucrative option, it also allows for nurses to make a name for themselves, care for their own set of patients and focus on a specialty area that they care about, like pediatrics.

The classroom
As demand for nurses grows, so does the need for qualified nursing instructors. If you’re an experienced nurse or just somebody with a love of academics, this career path allows you to use your advanced degree to help fellow nurses learn about patient care. As employment site explained, MSNs are a great stepping stone for nurses who want to earn their Ph.D. and teach at a high level.

A lab
If you’re more interested in helping others on a bigger scale, you may be more at home doing research. Nurses with an MSN can be part of research teams that help develop new treatments and get to the bottom of medical mysteries.

Law or lobbying office
If you’ve always had a love of the law, you can use your nursing experience and advanced degree to become a legal expert or lobbyist. You could work full- or part-time for a company, firm, nonprofit or labor organization using your expertise to help the organization. Look into advanced nursing degrees and see which fit your goals best.

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If you’re tired of going to the same exam rooms every day, you may want to consider being a traveling nurse specialist. Inner Body explained that traveling nurses can move around filling in and performing special tasks all over the U.S. Although some of these positions are open to RNs, cardiac and ICU specialists typically hold MSN degrees.

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