Future of Nursing-Leadership Revisited

In this informative webinar, our panelists will discuss the Future of Nursing Leadership and the following topics:

  • Emerging trends and leadership opportunities in population health
  • Emerging trends and leadership opportunities in complex systems
  • Emerging trends and leadership opportunities in delivery of care
  • Leadership competencies needed in today’s health care climate



Julia: Hi everyone,

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Info-session featuring MSN Graduates and Program Director

In this informative session, our MSN graduates share their firsthand experience and answer audience questions about the University of Arizona Master of Science in Nursing Clinical Systems Leadership (RN-MSN) Online Program.

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Future of Leadership in Health Care. Are you ready?

To prepare for your role as a successful clinical systems leader, please join us for a special year-end webinar presented by our Program Director and faculty members of our online RN-MSN program.
In this webinar, our speakers will provide an overview of leadership opportunities in health care, discuss the competencies required for successful leaders and how to attain life balance as leaders.


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Kira:                  Hi everyone and welcome to our special year end webinar.

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Special Graduates – Spotlight Webinar

Featuring insights from recent graduates of our MSN in Clinical Systems Leadership online program

Intro: In this special webinar, our audience has the opportunity to hear from our recent graduates as they share insights on the following important topics:

  • Our graduates’ experiences as they complete their studies while being full-time healthcare professionals and how they manage the work-life-school balance
  • The impact of the program has had on our graduates’ career aspirations
  • Tips for success in school and beyond…And more!

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Online RN to MSN Program Overview

This information session is an opportunity for you to learn more about the fully-online RN to MSN program directly from the Program Director and key stakeholders involved in its conception.

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Opportunities for RNs to Lead Health Care Transformation

In this discussion, our panel of experts from The University of Arizona College of Nursing and the UA Medical Center will provide an overview of the current state of health in the nation, reflecting on the shift from acute care to management of chronic conditions and how nurses can help prepare themselves with the skills and credentials to promote a patient-centered care model.

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IOM Future of Nursing Education Panel Discussion

As the industry continues to face the push for a more highly-educated workforce amid healthcare reform and an aging population, one challenge remains; accommodating this increased demand for nursing education.

In this panel discussion, Joan Shaver, industry thought-leader, Professor and Dean of the UA College of Nursing; Cindy Rishel, Clinical Associate Professor, Administrator, Nursing Research and Practice and Magnet Program Director, UA Medical Center; Cheryl Lacasse, Director of the online RN-MSN program; and Ki Moore,

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Career Paths & Industry Trends

Presented by the University of Arizona online MSN program faculty and staff, this informal panel discussion focuses on current and emerging healthcare trends, career paths for RNs, and how UA’s online MSN program prepares nurses with the progressive skills and mindset to be successful in a wide range of career trajectories.

Hear directly from leaders at the forefront of nursing education who have firsthand insight into the evolving U.S. healthcare model, highly-demanded competencies and industry driving forces affecting today’s nurses.

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Financial Aid Options for RN-MSN Students

Representatives from UA Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs conducted this webinar for current and prospective students of the online RN-MSN program. Topics included financing options, eligibility criteria, the FAFSA process, and various forms and dates to keep in mind when applying for financial assistance.

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Transforming US Healthcare Delivery-Opportunities for Leaders

In today’s health-care landscape, there is a growing demand for clinical systems leaders. Are you ready to lead?
Join Professor Cheryl Lacasse, the Online RN-MS Program Director, as she and her team from the University of Arizona’s College of Nursing provide the overview of health & wellness of the nation and discuss opportunities for nurses to influence change.

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UA’s Online MSN in Clinical Systems Leadership

This informational webinar offers valuable insights about the University of Arizona’s Online MSN in Clinical Systems Leadership program. Hear from our wonderful advisors and learn what it’s like to be an online learner! Provided is also the Q&A session where our panelists answer all relevant questions that our attendees bring up!

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